A note from Andrew

We are definitely not new comers to the glass industry. My family have been glass merchants for five consecutive generations. Prior to establishing Albion Glass & Mirror in 1932, my family were glass merchants in London for two generations. I am confident, that our well trained and experienced staff can provide you the customer with quality advice and service.

Our mission is to provide a stable environment for our shareholders, employees and customers. Rather than being here today and gone tomorrow. Our stable environment is predicated by carefully controlling costs (with the exception of raw glass and labor costs), providing exceptional customer service, having well trained and experienced staff and keeping the selection of products we sell demand driven.

When any business has been in existence as long as ours, it’s product mix has to change to meet market demand.
Our business is no longer involved in the following activities;

Our factory is located on a busy intersection, when traveling to our factory, our side street (Gore Street) can only be accessed when travelling north (away from the city).

If you require any information or pricing on this ‘wonderful material’ GLASS, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my staff (tel 3262 2711).

Andrew Barnard
Managing Director
Albion Glass & Mirror Co